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Manish Paul does not call for any sort of introduction. The Mickey virus fame has been a part of significant envisages like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Tees Maar Khan, Dance India Dance and many more.
A heartthrob of millions Manish Paul’s VJing and acting skills have mesmerized fans from the entire sphere.

Client Description

Bedecking the mammoth 4 BHK crash pad for Manish was a wonderful experience and a grandiose endeavor for us at JDi. The only instruction provided was to make it warm and homely. Hence, the journey commenced. For us nothing speaks classy and sophisticated like the utilization of a natural color palette which we achieved through the use of soft sinuous curtains, gold plates coupled with the white switches, black self-designed clock, floral poufs for the living room; Mellow blossoming curtains, bland leather headboard, mirror wardrobe, a magnificent chandelier in the Master bedroom; and an Ivory floral sofa cum bed for the child’s bedroom.
Our heroes here were Veneer and the illuminating stone Onyx. While we used Veneer for the window panels, trophy shelf to exhibit our client’s accolades in the living room, overhead in the Master bedroom; Onyx was used to illuminate the trophy shelf and also to brighten the exquisite king-sized bed.
The balcony was created using Burma Teak to decorate the ceiling and brick tiled walls for the family to enjoy the view in style.
The most fun we had was, while designing the Kid’s Bedroom and the Theater room. For the kid’s bedroom we painted a mural of the sky across the ceiling and illuminated it by fiber optics depicting stars, we also added foam fabric cabinets to stockpile the bells and whistles and yet be completely baby-proof.
The Theater room was an altogether different story. For, Manish Paul being a movie-paramour we stowed snuggly sofa seats on the wooden flooring endowing a serene effect. The door was painted red to stand superlative amongst the chalky walls having Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Al Pacino and Rocky Balboa outlined on them for Manish Paul, their mammoth fan. Tiled center table was used to give this room distinct fallout. But this is not all, the theater has mood lights affixed on the ceiling gives this room an ambience for every mood.
When we unveiled the finished house to Manish, we saw his expression change from surprise, to awe to a content grin and that was answer enough.

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