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Mr. Mukesh Soni is a renowned business associated with Construction since several years now.

Client Description

An office is not just an area where you work but it is a place where dreams are born, nurtured and realized. We furbished Mr. Soni’s office keeping the same in mind. The reception area is the face of any commercial establishment, along with an impeccable customer service the environment also has to be warming, that is where interior décor kicks in. The entrance is adorned with a glass wall coupled with wooden grids towards one side and a laser cut back lit Korean festooned behind a deco painted reception table with a veneer top on the other side of the room. While the ceiling is created using veneer the floor is an amalgamation of Italian and wooden flooring. The lobby walls are festooned with photo frame backed seating areas that clasps style with expanse. The cubicles have been bedecked with backlit niches in the wall and provided with a warm coloured palette to evade lethargy. For cabins the decor is much more sophisticated and graceful, with designed ceiling and abstract patterned fabric seating area the room introduces itself in a grand manner. Wooden shelves to deck the trophies and other belongings and Lowers to hide the AC. An office that is bright, illuminated, well-spaced and elegant in each and every aspect.

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