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Mr. Praful Jain is a successful businessman affiliated with the field of School Uniform Manufacturing.

Client Description

Nothing communicates cultured like a warm, spacious and artistically designed space. The living room of this magnificent duplex is interior decor at its glory. With veneer paneling and doors, the room is furnished entirely using a neutral colour palette that is not just classy but also gives the room a soft radiance. While the wall is made up of mirror adorned with laser cut Korean, black painted glass coupled with citrus chandelier not only   makes the ceiling look a lot more interesting but also enhances the dining space a thousand folds. The living room is not just a pretty looking room but a practical utilization of space at its best, a cream coloured deco painted shoe unit makes a style statement and is the perfect spot to store away the foot buddies. The black painted glass arch leads to an elegant seating area with a modernly furnished Television unit and has gorgeous light coloured wallpaper complementing the sleek black painted glass running through the ceiling like glittering ebony stream. In conclusion, to break the monotony and bring in some forest into the living room, an open arena is designed using brick patterned stones overlaid with climbers.  A space decorated with utmost care and sophistication, this room is an overload of artistic ideas and an enlightening experience.

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