“Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and Gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

While we do concur with Mr. Sharma over his quote on change, we would still agree to disagree when it comes to Interior Decor. It would indeed be arriving at the same terminus but via a scenic route. For JDi clients “Change will be thrilling at first, Artful in the middle and Exquisite at the end”.

Let us walk you through a step by step guide into a hassle free experience to a magnificent and tailored space. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Step 1: The Introduction

So once we receive your query we will immediately arrange a one on one at a location convenient to you. Our office, your house or somewhere in between, your choice. Post the initial ice breakers we would ask detailed and specific questions regarding you and your project, obviously we are open to your queries as well , got any doubt ask away.

Your vision has been acknowledged, rest assure and give us some time for a team huddle where we discuss a customized and tested course of action for an anxiety free experience.

Step 2: The Visit

Now that we have understood you, it’s time to understand your space.  Our team would visit your home or workplace to accumulate all the information required for your space to be the exact replica of what you envisioned and may be more.

We would study the architecture, the space flow, the natural lighting, the previous interior style to decide what can stay and what has to go. We would measure the entire space keeping in mind every minor detail from electrical outlets to portholes and in order to ensure we don’t miss anything we would click heaps of pictures from every possible angle and may be some impossible ones too.

There would definitely be new sets of questions from our end and of course from you as well, and also all this work would make us both hungry, so we shall ask and answer everything over some coffee and yummy treats

Step 3: The Ideation

This step would have us meeting a lot many times!

This is where our team will sit together, spread out the blueprints and photograph all across the table and bring out the perfect combination of all elements from wood, to glass, to metal, to colors, to texture, to fabrics, to antiquities and everything in between. We would create various plan-views to give you a concrete idea of how it is going to look like and what is it going to cost. The Plan view helps us to be transparent to you and you can suggest any changes you got in mind. We would pay attention on the Layout of the space in this stage. We would tick what would work and cancel out what won’t.

Step 4: The Virtual View

With our plan views, budget and elements approved, we now move on to a step which is the final preparation before the actual battle begins. We would provide you with a 3D Model view of your space, where you can witness your room as closest as it would get to reality. This being the final stage of pre-production is a crucial step and once we get your green signal our men would draw their hammers and saws and get to work.

This is also the step where we would discuss the timeline, payment modes, installations and every detail required to start. It is best if we cross every t’s and dot every i’s, to avoid unexpected surprises at any stage of work.

Step 5: Battle Begins

This is the part where we get a little messy! A little molding here and a little renovation there; from creating that false ceiling, to the Italian marble flooring, to adding those mosaics or onyx stones and others would be a part of this level. You will of course receive the updates regularly and any change in the plan would only be assigned after your approval. We would ensure everything happens within the deadlines.

Step 6: The Shop-a-thon

While our team is busy metamorphosing your dwelling, we will assist you with the purchasing from mammoth furniture to a tinsy tiny effigy. We would help you explore for every piece and artifact or create a customized one to suit your likeness. You would have never imagined that the hunt for Drapes, linen, art works, murals, and Furniture could be a walk in the park. Our remarkable association with the vendors all across the globe helps us provide you with the best of everything at steal prices.

Step 7: Voilà

This is our final and favorite step! While you patiently waited for this day to arrive our team was meticulously working every minute of the day measuring, building and designing for you. Every element decided upon is placed at its given settings, we tighten in the light bulbs, place the furniture, decorate the art and antiques, deck up the shelf, retouch and perfect the final details.

We then welcome you to step into an exquisite expanse created just for you. Savor the feeling of newness and originality. Our work here is done, but for you it is time to create some new memories.

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